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We received the following information from the van Steenis UK branche:

I    Herman van den Steenhuys, 1322 Westmarc at Snellenvelt.  1337, 1338, 1341, 1350 schepen Tuil Married [?] Heilwig van Ewijc 1353 huis te Hiern

Children inter alia
1.   Herman van den Steenhuys, 1359, 1369 Droempt (see the van den Steenhuys of Droempt, Zoelen and Tiel line)
2.   Gherard van den Steenhuys (see II.b)

II.b  Gherard van den Steenhuys, 1344 schepen Deil.  1359, 1364 Droempt.

Children inter alia:
1.   Henric van den Steenhuys (see III.d)
2.   Weenmaer Gheraets van den Steenhuys, 1359, 1364 Droempt

III.d Henric van den Steenhuys, 1369 Wadenoye

Children inter alia:
1.   Heinric van den Steenhuys (see IV.d )

IV.d  Heinric van den Steenhuys, 1395, 1396 schepen Deil 1402, 1415 Wadenoye.

Children inter alia:
1.   Otto van den Steenhuys (see V.f)

V.f  Otto van den Steenhuys, Born circa 1390 (Wadenoye)

Children inter alia:
1.   Otto Steenhuys (see VI.b)
2.   Hedrik van den Steenhuys (see VI.c)

VI.b Otto Steenhuys, Born circa 1420 (Wadenoye)

Children inter alia:
1.   Otto Steenhuys (see VII.a to traditional starting point of the Nederland Patriciaat

VI.c Hedrik van den Steenhuys, Born circa 1420 (Wadenoye), died after 1465 (Wadenoye). 1444, 1465 schepen  Deil

Children inter alia:
1.   Herman van den Steenhuys (see VII.b)
2.   Willem van den Steenhuys, 1459 vertering te Tiel

VII.b     Herman van den Steenhuys, Born 1460/1470 (Wadenoye), died after 1524 (Wadenoye). 1494, 1504, 1513, 1517, 1524 schepen Deil

     Children inter alia:
     1.   Herman van den Steenhuys (see VIII.d)

VIII.d    Herman van den Steenhuys, 1524 schepen Tuil, 1539 sealed as his father

Children inter alia:
1.   Gisjsbert van Steenhuys born Geldermalsen circa 1515-20, died Geldermalsen after 1555.

IX.a Gisjsbert van Steenhuys

Children inter alia:
1.   Herman Geritson van Steenis

X    Herman Geritson van Steenis, Married Hanrisken Roeloff van Stakenborch

Children inter alia:
1.   Steven van StEenis
2.   Beernt van Stenis
3.   Gerrit van Stenis


                            From 1450 ? 18th century

VII.a     Otto van Steenhuys, Born Malsen circa 1450, Arrived in the area south of Malsen in 1529 and died thereafter. 1499 pastor at Herwijnen

Children inter alia:
1.   Otto van den Steenhuys (Malsen) 1499 pastor at Herwijnen
2.   Antonis (see VIII.b)
3.   Heinricus Ottonis van Steenhuys. Born c. 1475, ?schepen? (alderman) in Deil.   At  the   beginning of 1500 he completed preparation in Utrecht for  entering  the   priesthood  in  the  Roman  Catholic Church.  1510  consecrated priest at Utrecht.   Circa 1550 pastor at Neerijnen.

VIII.b       Antonis van Steenhuys, Born Malsen circa 1475.  Schepen in Diel.   Arrived in the area south of Malsen in 1529 and died thereafter.

Children inter alia:
1.      Otto (see IX.a)
2.      Derick (see IX.b

IX.a  Otto van Steenhuys, Born Geldermalsen 1499, died between 1558 and 1559.  Other sources    suggest born 1515 and died before 1593.   Heemraad, kerkmeester and collateur St Nicholaes Vicarie Geldermalsen.   At 1529 lived at Malsen's Hof, Geldermalsen.

Children inter alia:
1.      Antonis (see X.a)
2.      Jan born Geldermalsen c.1530
3.      Robbert born Geldermalsen c. 1530
4.      Two daughters

X.a   Antonis van Steenhuys (van Stenis), Born Geldermalsen 1540, died 1610. Married 1st Beatrix Herman Geurtsdochter, daughter of Herman Geurts and Hanricksen Roelofs van Stakenborgh. born Geldermalsen 1545, died after 1588.

From this first marriage inter alia:
1.      Otto van Steenhuis (van Stenis), born between 1550-75 in  Geldermalsen, died before 1624. Married to Grietgen Theunissen  Roelofsdochter.

From this marriage inter alia:
1.      Beatrix (Beatgen) Ottensen van Stenis Born about 1600 in Geldermalsen. Bans of marriage in Maurik, Gelderland, on 22 May 1642 and was married in Buren, Gelderland on 25 June 1642 to Willem Jensen de    Kemp  (de  Cemp) of Maurik. During her second marriage she was living in Erichem, Gelderland. Married second to Lucia Hendricksdochter, who died before 1613. One  record shows that their only two children were still minors in 1613; therefore the dates of birth below may be too early.

From this marriage:
1      Maryke  van  Steenhuis  (van  Stenis),  born  in Geldermalsen between 1550-75.
2      Grietgen  van  Steenhuis  (van  Stenis), born in Geldermalsen between 1550-75.

2  Herman van SteenhuYs (van Stenis), Born between 1550-75 in Geldermalsen, lived in Zaltbommel. Married  twice,  firstly to Anneke Jans, secondly on 28 Mar 1628 in Zaltbommel to Elisabeth Dircksdochter of Gameren, Gelderland.

From this first marriage:
1.      Antonis van STEENIS, born in Zaltbommel between 1600-25; married there on 19 November 1637 to Geertien Jansdochter.

1.     Sara van Steenis married Haendrie Janss van Erkelens
2.     Aalbert  van  STEENIS,  born  in  Zaltbommel between 1600-25; married there to Ariaantje Jansdochter.
3.    Fides van STEENIS, born in Zaltbommel between 1600-25; married there on 05 Mar 1644 to Daniel Willemszoon.

3.      Cornelis van Steenhuis (van Stenis), see XI.a.

4.   Hadewich Antonisdr. van STEENHUYS, (van Stenis), Born   between  1560-75 in Geldermalsen; married to Robert Aertzoon; the  family named themselves from 1617 onwards: van Heemskerck. The first  to use that name was Gerrit Aertszoon van Heemskerck, Schout (Chief Administrator) of Geldermalsen from 1604-1633

5.    Fides  van   Steenhuis  (van  Stenis), born in Geldermalsen between 1550-1575; married to Gijsbert Willemszoon.

Married 2nd Heylgarde Gijsbrechtsdochter, died 1610. From this first marriage inter alia:
1.      Herman (see Theo van Steenes account of Hendrik Cornelis?s branch)
2.      Robert van STEENHUYS (van STENIS)

Children include:
1.    Barthe van STEENHUYS (van STENIS).  Married Jacob Hendrickson van ENGELEN

 3.      Gisjsbert (see Theo van Steenes account of van Steenes branch)

 XIa  Cornelis van Steenhuys (van Stenis), Born Geldermalsen between 1550 and 1575. Lives on the Westerhout estate at Geldermalsen, was a 'Buurmeester' (ward or district alderman) and made his last will and testament September 16th 1641, m. NN and dies after June 5th 1638, probably 1641.

 From this marriage:
1.      Antonis born Geldermalsen 1605.   Buurmeester en schout van Wadenoyen. Lives on 't Westerhout at Geldermalsen, makes his will September 11th, 1641 and dies after 1638.  Converted to Protestant faith (see Westerhout branch in Nederland Patriciaat).
2.      Goossen (Goswijn) Cornelisz (see XII).
3.      Herman van Steenhuis (van Stenis), born about 1590-1600, Geldermalsen. Married twice.

From his first marriage
1.      Dirk van STEENIS, married Jenneke Jans de VRIES
2.      Hendrik van STEENIS, married Bertjen Gosens de Hens. Married second Catharina de CRAEN

Children inter alia from his second marriage:
1.      Dirk van STEENIS died before 1674. Married Rossum in 1662 Jenneke Jans de Vries
2.      Hendrik van STEENIS, died before 1723. Married Bertjen Gosens de HEUS.

From this marriage
1.     Evertje  van STEENIS, died 1784.  Married Erichem in 1759 Jan de HEUS, died 1786.

3.      Egberta Hermessen van Stenis, married 21 Apr 1667 in Meteren, Gelderland, to Derrick Peterson van Oort.

   1.      Lintje van STEENIS born 1675
   2.      Catrijtje van STEENIS born 1678

4.      Maria van STEENIS, born between 1640-5- in Geldermalsen, died there between 1712-15; was married to Hendrick Gerritszoon.

4.      Cornelis van Stenis, born between 1590-1600, Geldermalsen.

Children inter alia:
1.     Mariken  Cornelissen  van  Stenis,  married   27  Mar  1665 in Meteren, Gelderland, to Hendrik Gerritsen van Empel.
2.     Egberta  van  STEENIS,  born  between 1640-50; was married in Geldermalsen to Dirck van Oort, son of Jasper van Oort, Schout (Chief Administrator) of Geldermalsen from 1650-90.

5.      Jan van Steenhuis (van Stenis), born between 1590-1610, Geldermalsen; his descendants lived in Tricht and Buurmalsen, Gelderland from 1600 to 1750.

Children inter alia:
1.      Peter van STEENIS  (Gellicum), married 1st Ottien Pauwels, married 2nd Marij Robberts
2.      Geurt van STEENIS

6.    Antonia  van   Steenhuis  (van  Stenis),  born  between  1590-1610, Geldermalsen; was married to Jan Hendricuszoon.

XII  Goossen (Goswijn) Cornelisz van Steenis, Born Geldermalsen between 1590-1600.  Buys land at Geldermalsen February 8th, 1623.  In October 1625 buys a farm at Hooge Hoeven, in 1655 is an elder of the classis Zaltbommel and as such present at the synod at Nijmegen.  Sells a plots of land in 1638 on behalf of his mother and makes a will with his wife on May 27th, 1676. Uses his seal in 1623 and 1635 at Deil and in 1638 at the Magistrates at Deil.  Dies before June 1st, 1680.

27 Jun 1654: Goossen Cornelisz. promises a mortgage on his house and ?hof? (courtyard or garden) in the neighborhood of Geldermalsen
12 Nov 1657: Goossen Cornelisz. van Steenis purchases a mortgage
21 Oct 1660: Goossen Cornelisz. van Stenis is purchaser of a parcel of land near Geldermalsen; user is Jan Gossenz. (his son)
16 Sep 1667: Goossen Corneliszoon van Stenis sold a ?rentbrief? (interest bearing note) of 28 guldens per annum, which came from Adriaan Petersz. van Zuylen, miller of Geldermalsen and Goossen?s father-in-law
24 Mar 1669: Goossen Cornelisz. van Steenis purchased land located in the ?Engh op de Swartecamp?
27 May 1676: Goossen and his wife Egberta (shown in this document as Erckje Adriaensdr. van Zuylen) made their last will and testament; four children are named
20 Nov 1667: Goossen was the guardian of the children of Peter Adriaensz. van Zuylen (his wife?s brother?)
01 Jun 1680: there is mention of Goossen?s widow regarding her land bounding on the land of her son, Arien Gossen.

Married Erckje Adriaensdr (Egberta) van Zuylen, born Geldermalsen c.1605 died June 1, 1680, daughter of Adriaen Petersz van Zuylen, born Geldermalsen 1575, corn miller at Geldermalsen and himself son of Peter van ZUYLEN born Geldermalsen c.1540.

From this marriage inter alia:
1.      Jan born 1626.  Married Neysken Cornelis.

From this mariage:
1.      Cornelis van Stenis, born about 1660 in Tricht, Gelderland, marriage intentions registered 08 Feb 1685 in Buren, Gelderland, married 26 Feb 1685 in Tricht to Hendrijke Cornelis, born about 1664 in Buren. They had 6 children born in Buren.
2.      Adriaen (Arien) van Stenis, born about 1665 in Tricht, Gelderland, married 21 Apr 1695 in Tricht to Jannigje (Jantje) Jacobs. They had 10 children born in Tricht.
3.      Eijgje van Stenis, born about 1672 in Tricht, married 20 Aug 1702 in Tricht to Dirk Francken Noudt.
4.      Peterken van Stenis, married about 1689 to Claes Aertse.
5.      Gerard (Gerrit) van Stenis, born 13 Jul 1673 in Tricht, Gelderland, married 10 May 1710 in Buurmalsen, Gelderland, to Hilgonda Quirijnen van Santen. They had 9 children born in Tricht.
6.      Adriana van Stenis, married 04 May 1715 in Buurmalsen to Rutger Dirkse van Setten.
7.      Dirck Jansz. van Stenis, mentioned in the records as living in Buren.
8.      Dirckje Jansdr. van Stenis, who was married to Berent Scheffer. They sold land in 1715-16 south of Geldermalsen

2.      Leysken (Leijsken ) van Stenis born 1630, married Willem Dirksen.
3.      Ariantje van Stenis, born about 1630 in Geldermalsen,  died there before 1719.
4.      Arien Goossen van STEENIS see VII.
5.      There was possibly a fifth child, Gerrit Gossensz. van STEENIS, not mentioned in the will of his parents, therefore died before them, childless; on 06 Feb 1662 he purchased a house and (farm) yard in the neighborhood of Geldermalsen.

XIII Arien Goossen van STEENIS, Born born Geldermalsen 1630.  Buys the mansion ?De Klepakker? next to the sectern?s house at Geldermalsen in 1675. Dies before 1709. From the archives of Geldermalsen we know the following about Arien:
17 Nov 1674: Arien purchases an interest bearing note and he sells 1.5 morgen (3 acres) of farmland in Geldermalsen, including timber, adjacent to the property of Aerdt Gobelsa. van Versendael, Johan Malsen van Stenis and Arien
03 Feb 1675: Arien purchases a field adjacent to the land of the church verger
01 Jun 1680: Arien purchases a house and ?hof? (courtyard) from Hendrick Cornelisz. Haeck, bounding on the land of the widow of Goosen Cornelisz. van Steenis, Arien's mother.
23 Sep 1682: Arien purchases an ?akker? (field) named ?Het Blomkampken?, located in the Voetacker south of Geldermalsen. Married a daughter of Gobel van Versendael, either Marijke, born Geldermalsen 1635, died 1719, or Hilleke.

From this marriage inter alia:
1.      Gobel van Stenis, Ariens  b. 1673 Geldermalsen.  Cartwright at    Ameide, married 21 August 1698 at Ameide, Zuid Holland to Swaantje Reijers (b.1765 Ameide) and died after 1732 Meerkerk, Zuid Holland. Descendents at Meerkerk and later on at Noordeloos.  See the ALBLASSERWAARD BRANCH.
2.      Goosen Ariense (see XIV).
3.      Teunis van Stenis, follow XIV.d, the NIEUWPOORT BRANCH.

XIV  Goosen Ariense van STEENIS, Born Geldermalsen circa 1682, lived Ameide, and sells a plot of land at Geldermalsen in 1709. Prior marriage below, he also had a son:

1.      Claas van Stenis, baptised 09 Oct 1698 in Meerkerk, Zuid (South)         Holland. Married 1707 Aaltje Jans Verheul, born Meerkerk 1686.

From this marriage inter alia:
1.      Arie van STEENIS, baptised 20 Apr 1708 in Beusichem, Gelderland, died there in 1708
2.      Jan van STEENIS (see XV, the Lexmond Branch).
3.      Hilligje/Hillegonda van STEENIS, baptised 30 Aug 1711 in Beusichem.
4.      Emmigje van STEENIS, baptised 05 Mar 1713 in Beusichem.
5.      Arie van STEENIS, baptised 19 Oct 1714 in Beusichem, married 12 Sep 1749 to Johanna Ipelaar.
6.      Gossen van STEENIS, baptised 26 Apr 1716 in Beusichem, married 03 Jan 1752 in Zijderveld, South Holland, to Elisabeth de Jong, born about 1720 in Zijderveld.
7.      Cornelis van STEENIS, was baptised 16 Jun 1719 in Beusichem, died there in 1719.
8.      Cornelis van STEENIS, was baptised 25 Aug 1720 in Beusichem, died there in 1720.
9.      Cornelis van STEENIS, was baptised 01 Mar 1722 in Beusichem.

IX.b.    Derick (Dirk) van STEENHUYS, Born  about  1515,  died   before  1555;  landowner  in the area south of Geldermalsen, Gelderland.  1538 Schepen Hedel

Children inter alia:
1.      Hendrik van STEENHUYS follow X.b
2.      Otto van STEENHUYS

X.b     Hendrik van STEENHUYS

Children inter alia:
1.   Dirck Hendrikson van STEENIS

                                  Lexmond Branch

XV   Jan van STEENIS, Baptised 20 Mar 1710 in Beusichem, Gelderland. Lived at Ameide. Buried 29 Jun 1803, age 93, in Ameide Married 1737 Maria Pieters de Jongh born 1716 Ameide, daughter of Pieter de Jongh and Maria Jansse van Alom.

From this marriage:
1.      Pieter  (see XVI).
2.      Goose born and died 1738.
3.      Aaltje born 1739, died Lexmond 1819. Married Klaas van der Plaat.
4.      Merigje born 1741.
5.      Merrigje born 1743.
6.      Arie Gozen born 1745.
7.      Emmigje born 1745.
8.      Emmigje born 1747.
9.      Emmigje born 1748.
10.     Lijsbeth baptised 18 Oct 1750 in Ameide, married 17 Aug 1788 in Ameide to Johan Kristiaan Pitner, born in Theme, living in Polsbroek, Zuid Holland.
11.     Goosen Aries born 1753.
12.     Cornelis born 1754.

XVI  Pieter van STEENIS, Born Ameide March 20th, 1737.  Lived at Lexmond, died January 24th, 1813. Married 1773 Theuntje van Mourik born 1740 at Lexmond, died June 8th, 1814.  Daughter of Arie Jacobs van Mourik and Maagje Huiberts de Graaf.

From this marriage:
1.      Jan (see XVII.a)
2.      Aarjen born 1777.
3.      Cornelis born 1779, died 1821.  See XVII.b.
4.      Maagje born 1781.

XVII.a   Jan van STEENIS, Born Lexmond December 31st, 1775, died 1835. Married 1811 Johanna Elisabeth de Joode baptised April 13th, 1789, died Lexmond in 1829.  Daughter of Cornelis de Joode and Catharina de Bruin. Before this marriage he had a daughter Jantje by Maria Jacoba van Heerewaarden, born 1793.

From this marriage:
1.      Jan Pieter born Lexmond 1816.  Died 01 May 1889, age 73, in Leerdam, Zuid Holland; married to Dina van Karsen.
2.      Catrina Cornelia born Lexmond 1818.
3.      Cornelis Gijsbertze (see XVIII).
4.      Theuntje born Lexmond 1822.
5.      Emmigje born Lexmond 1825.

XVII.b       Cornelis van STEENIS, Baptised  20  Feb  1779  in   Leksmond,  died  there 06 Jan 1821, age 41; married  13 May 1803, age 24, in Leksmond to Deliaantje Breijer, born in Naarden, Noord Holland, and living in Amsterdam.

Out of this marriage:
1.  Pieter van STEENIS, born 09 Oct 1803 in Leksmond, laborer, married 06  Apr 1828, age 24, to Maijke Ravestyn, age 20, born in Meerkerk, Zuid Holland, the daughter of Peter Ravestyn and Aantje Hagvoort.
2.  Aaltjen  van   STEENIS, born 18 Jul 1805 in Leksmond, died there 10 Sep  1840,   age  35; married on 24 Feb 1825, age 19, in Leksmond to Herman Veen, age 26, born in Leksmond, the son of Hendrik Veen and Teuntje van Hartog.
3. Willem van STEENIS, born 22 Dec 1809 in Leksmond, died there 01 Jan 1813, age 3.
4.  Teuntje  van   STEENIS, born 07 May 1812 in Leksmond, married on 18 Nov 1842, age 30, in Leksmond to Johannes van Benthem.
5.  Johanna  van   STEENIS, born 10 Apr 1814 in Leksmond, married on 01 Oct  1837, age 23, in Leksmond to Maarten van Bommel, laborer, born in  Vianen,   Zuid Holland, the son of Dirk van Bommel and Niesje de Meijer.
6.      Willem van STEENIS, born 06 Jan 1817 in Leksmond, laborer; married on 19 May 1841 in Leksmond to Berrendina Vroon.

XVIII   Cornelis Gijsbertze van STEENIS, Born Lexmond 1820.  Inherited father in law?s shop at No 43 Noordzijde (on the 'Buurt' in Noordeloos beside the Giessen River).  Died at Noordeloos January 7th, 1885. Married Pleuntje te Braake born at Noordeloos in 1829, died 1902. Daughter of Hendrik Jan te Braake and Merrigje Rietveld.

From this marriage:
1.      Johanna born Noordeloos 1848, married 1783 Givert van der Kolk, born 1839.

1.      Merigje born 1850, married 1839 Klaas de Groot.
2.      Hendrik Jan born Noordeloos 1852, died 1864.
3.      Jan born Noordeloos 1854, died 1855.
4.      Jan  follow XIII.a.
5.      Hendrik Jan (see XIX.b).
6.      Jacoba born Noordeloos 1863, died 1872.
7.      Gezina born Noordeloos 1865.

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